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Our Privacy Policies

Does Your Site Track Users?

We do track users on our website but in a very limited way, and we insure the information we collect cannot be used to identify who you are.

Do You Use 3RD Party Analytics Programs?

No, we use an open source analytics program called PiwiK which we host on our own servers, this insures your data is not collected and stored on 3RD parties system, and possibly mined to see who our users are.

What Data Do You Collect?

The only data we collect is general browser information an a limited IP (See Screen shot Below) Address, we only use this information to see how our site is being used.

View of Piwik setting limiting of IP Address data collected.

View of Piwik visitor log displaying trunacted IP Address.


Do You Set A Persistent Tracking Cookie?

No, We do not set any Piwik tracking cookies, if you look at the source code of our pages you will see we added the special command _paq.push(['disableCookies']); to tell Piwik not to set any cookies

Piwik command disabling the setting of tracking cookies on visitors computers.

Do You Have Server Logs Enable?

All web servers whether they be Unix, Windows or some other have the ability to store RAW Log Files, these files would collect Full IP Address & Pages viewed - we Do Not have server logs turned on.

Do You Track All Web Site Pages?

No, we only track our home page and informational pages, we do not track any pages used to process the secret messages you created or retrieved. If in double, all pages will have the following tags at the bottom of the each site page:

This Page Is Tracked or This Page Is Not Tracked., you can also view the page source to see if there is tracking code present.

List Of Current Tracked Pages:

  1. Home Page
  2. Privacy
  3. FAQ's About Us
  4. Follow Us (External Link To

Where Is Your Site Hosted?

Our site is hosted on servers that we Own, Manage & Control and are in a locked rack in a data center, at No Time can 3RD Parties get access to our servers without a valid court warrant.

Do You Use SSL?

Yes, you cannot use our site unless you are on a SSL connection, to see simply visit and you will instantly be redirected to a secure page.

3RD Party Sites

While we have clearly stated our privacy, please remember to read any privacy polices of 3RD Party sites we may link to.


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