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FAQ's Section:

This section is to help answer any question you may have about our site or security, if you have a question that is not answered here please contact us and we try to add it to the FAQ's list below.

What does your sevice do?

To allow you to send Private Info That Self-Destructs

Do Store Encryption Passwords?

No, all password are destroyed from server memory the moment you message is encrypted or decrypted - if you loose your password then your message is gone forever.

I Lost My Password Can You Help Me Retrieve It?

Simple answer is no we do not know what it was!

I Lost The URL To Retrieve My Message, Can You Help Me?

Simple answer is no -we do not know which message is yours!

Do You Have Back Doors In Your Code?

No, but feel free to ask some of the well known Internet Giants the same question!

How Do You Decrypt Messages If You Do Not Store Our Passwords?

Unlike many sites that store your passwords in a Hashed or Salted format, we use Two Pass Cascading AES 256-bit Encryption approach that uses a password only known to the message creator, and a URL token for the secondary encryption key, so all messages in the database are encrypted twice

Important Note

One Time URL messages are only encrypted using a URL token and while they are encryted stongely we always recommend where possible to use the password encryption method for addtional security.

Without the unique URL token that is not stored, it is impossible to decrypt the message even if you had the password.

1st Stage Encrypted Message:


2nd Stage Encrypted Message:


When the recipient of your message enters the password you gave them, we try to unlock the Encrypted Message Key, using either the "One-Time URL" or Password & URL token.

What Type Of Encryption Method Do You Use?

We encrypt all messages & message keys using the Cascading AES 256-bit Encryption method.

How Long Are Message Stored In Your System?

We store encrypted messages from 30 minutes to 7 days depending on the self-destruct time selected during it's creation, once read or the self-destruct time is reached ( Whichever happens first ) they are deleted from our database instantly.

How Long Can My Message Be?

Currently 20,000 characters long.

What Laguages Are Supported?

Our system will encrypt all languages and character sets available world wide.

Do You Back Up Your Databases?

We would love to say yes, but we do not back up our database that contains Encrypted Message, doing this would keep message around past the 7 days or past their read period - this is an acceptable risk we feel to provide guaranteed deletion.

Are IP Addresses Stored With Messages?

This is a two part answer Yes & No:

  • NO: We do not store anyone's Full IP Address when they Visit Or Site, Create or Read a encrypted message.
  • Yes: We store the IP Address that is Entered for message that are "IP Locked" * by the sender.

* Note: This IP Address is deleted after 30 minutes to 7 days depending on the self-destruct time selected and are unread, or straight way when the message is read.

Do You Track Visitors To The Site:

Please read our sites Privacy Policy for answers to this question.

Can I Track If The Message I sent Was Read?

Yes, when you create and post your message, your be redirected to the page that contains the message url that you send the recipient. If you bookmark or save that URL when you return later your be provided a status of your message.

Is Your Site & Database Located In A Shared Environment?

If your asking is our site hosted on someone else servers, then "NO" would be our response, we Own, Manage & Control all our servers, at No Time can 3RD Parties get access to our servers without a valid court warrant.

Do You Currently Block Any Countries?

At present we do block certain countries from accessing our encryption systems due to Trade Embargos or Security Concerns, and this list can change at anytime for many different reasons.

Currently these countries are: Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Yemen

Will You Disclose Information To The Governement If Requested?

As law abiding citizens, we are bound by the laws of the United States of American and will when presented with a legal warrant provide access to any and all information requested for only the "Named Person" on that warrant.

Would You Allow Us To Audit Your Code & Database?

Sure, if you are a recognized and verifiable News Organization, Civil Liberties or Similar type of organization we will gladly arrange a viewing so you can code audit and verify we do not have "back doors", store personal information or passwords.


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