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One Time URL:

Want to send and encrypted messane via a "One Time URL" that does not need a password to retrieve it then this feature is for you. Simply enter your message above and click the Create Your One Time URL button below, your be taken to a screen that has your message URL ready to copy and send to it's recipient.

Remember that this message can only be viewed once so please remember you cannot view it again once processed!

Add Password & IP Lock

Want to add additional security to the message you've written above, use the enhanced Password & IP Lock features below!

IP Address Lock:

If you know the IP Address of the person your sending this message to, you can add an additional security layer by only allowing their IP Address to access this message. Only use this option if they have a Static IP Address or they intend to access this message within a Few Hours as some ISP's assign dynamic addresses that change often, once set the IP Address cannot be changed and the message maybe lost.

If the intended recipient needs to find their IP Address they can use this 3rd party site:

 Check If You Know Recipient IP Address:

Password Encryption:

We allow you to create passwords or phrases up to 80 characters in length that will be used to encrypt your private message, at no time do we store your password in our database, so if you loose it your message will be lost forever.

Create Your Password Or Phrase    (We recommend that all passwords include Letters, Numbers, Spaces & Special Characters )

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